How to Determine the Best Freight Broker to Hire

Freight brokerage is defined as the process in which a firm hires another company’s services for the proper facilitation of transferring products from one location to another, or for the export of these products to another country. From the word ‘broker’ itself, it is already understood that a freight broker mediates between the firm and the carrier who is authorized to ship these goods. The broker can either be an individual person acting on his own guidelines or a specialized brokerage firm, but both must obtain a license from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) prior to operating. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Shipping Container Dimensions

In recent years, the export of goods has become widespread with the help of modern technology as well as the professional assistance obtained from the various logistics companies in the world. These exports vary between countries, but one thing is common among all exporters: the need for a reliable logistics service who can provide all the necessary requirements for each shipment. A factor that most establishments look at is the shipping container dimensions. They have to make sure that the containers would be able to hold all their goods without the need for a second or a different type of container as that may entail additional costs. Continue reading